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My writtings ranging from notes to essays

My partner Izzy recently bought a 1962 Pack camper trailer that we are intending to fix up and eventually make our part time home as we travel the county. This article documents the initial state of the camper and what our goals for this project.

JUNO is my first project with C and will be in active development for a long time as I continue to modify it to fit my needs. This is an extended README where I'll go into the thought proccess that went into its design.

After months of designing and working on smaller projects we have now finished the steel skeleton of the trailer. We solved many problems along the way and the trailer is better for it.

A much more complicated app than I initially set out to make Vibia's Market aims to make shopping in any TTRPG a smoother and faster experience. Here I document the process of designing and developing the app.

Working outdoors and doing projects that directly helped my local community during my time with Arizona Conservation Corps has permanently changed my outlook on service and what kind of work is important.