First look at our 1962 pacer trailer


The initial state

Izzy has a deep love for apps like nextdoor and craigslist. She also has been researching tiny home and van living for over 10 years and I would consider her an expert. So when she saw there was an old trailer for sale that was an affordable amount it was a pretty instant decision that we would be getting it.

It measures in at about 7 feet wide and 15 feet long with huge windows in the front. One of the past owners was going to use it as a food truck to sell nuts as you can see from the paint. Our initial inspections found no seious structural damage to the metal framing but there was damage to both the wooden framing inside and the aluminum paneling. The floor was stable and could hold weight but it was obvious there was water damage so that would need replacing as well.

What We’ve done so far

The insulation was the first thing we removed so we could get at the structure of the trailer underneath. After that I started to remove all the framing and vents around the exterior and tried to evaluate what we would be able to keep.

The floors started to be torn up in patches between other projects and although it was once 1/2 inch plywood the years of water damage had left it about as week as mdf. The flooring was not attached to the framing for the walls so all the floor was able to be removed without tearing down the walls.

At some point I also cut out all the old electrial harness as the wires were brittle and falling apart. All of the outlets and connectors were thankfully salvagable so those will be brought along in the rebuild.

What is next

I want to start removing the aluminum siding so that we can measure out the future frame but that may need to wait until we’re able to afford to replace all the wooden framing. The floor will also need to be completely redone with new wood and some undercoat layer to protect us on wet and rocky trails.

Izzy already had interior plans sketched up before we brought the trailer home so the only thing to do is to build it. We are so excited for the adventure that this is going to be.